About Dorothy

I’m Dorothy, the author and creator of What Repel Bugs.  I have never given much attentiion to bug sprays until after I
 became an Avon Independent Sales Representative. It just made more sense that I could protect myself from insect bites; becoming proactive rather than reactive.

Growing Up in Rural Alabama

Growing up in rural Alabama on a farm during the late 50’s through the early 70’s lend itself to many insect bites ( ants, mosquitos, red bugs, ticks, etc.).  As this is being written, I can still hear the buzzing mosquitos in my ears and seeing us (children) slapping, ducking, and dodging the pesty insects. Sometimes, the pesty bugs would find their target on an exposed arm, hand, leg, neck, and/or face. It was almost like a “sneak attack”, we did not know that we had been bitten until the affected area was itching or we saw a mosquito filled with our blood still on us. Of course, our goal was to try to kill it, however, this was not a preventive strategy .

 I cannot remember really trying to prevent the bites by using aerosol bug sprays and definitely, not towelettes! 
However, we did use an antique bug spraying can to get rid of some of the insects. 

One of our greatest prevention strategies was to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants for protection if we were going through an area heavily infected with mosquitos. A strategy that I still use today when I’m taking walks in or near a wooded area.  PLUS my bug spray and towelettes are in my travel and gym bags and the glove compartment in the car.

Additionally, smoke was used to minimize mosquitos around the house. Sometimes during the Summer months an airplane would fly over the wooded areas in the community and spray the areas with a pesticide.  I’m  not sure how effective these practices were because I still bear scars on my body from insect bites from earlier in my life.  

Reasons Why We Should Be Concerned About Mosquitos and Ticks, and Other Biting Insects

As previously stated, growing up I did not give much thought to the diseases that mosquitos and ticks caused. I knew that the bites were painful causing swelling, and itchiness.  The main reason I believe that we should be concerned about mosquitos, ticks, and other biting bugs is the diseases they carry and the effects they may have on the general population.  

My Goals 

My goals include: learning practical everyday ways to protect ourselves, how to choose the best repellent based upon our needs, and where to find information about mosquitos, ticks and other biting bugs.

Additionally, I believe we should know where to find information for the region in which we live and how to prevent or minimize the risk of being bitten. Thirdly, what should we do if we are bitten.

May I suggest we stay on “Bug Alert” year around!



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